Thank You For Visiting The Expo!

Your Free Deep Blue Sample

After a long day of walking around the Bridal Expo, please take a moment to use the Deep Blue Sample you received in your goodie bag! Massage the Deep Blue Lotion into your feet and enjoy the invigorating relief it brings.

Deep Blue contains Wintergreen (which is similar to Aspirin in it's natural make up so it's helpful for relieving tension) and Peppermint, both of which can be intense if they get in your eyes! If it is ever too intense, add some coconut or olive oil to the spot where it feels intense and it will slow the absorption and ease the intensity quickly.

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Did you love the Deep Blue? If you are ready to make a hugely beneficial and positive change in your life and health, This is my favorite doTERRA kit to start you on the path to vitality and sanity in marriage! I'll explain why in the video. You can adjust the cart for what you need, I have added the products that help me stay happy and healthy in my life and marriage! Offer info in the video.