Starting your doTERRA Business with Success

When people enroll with doTERRA, they often wonder where to start when they know they want to do business. This video will give you the first step to take.

Hey everybody. This is Emili Whitney and I want to welcome you to this business course. This video is called “Setting Yourself Up For Success”. I am making this especially for our summer team challenge but I will keep it up on my YouTube channel for anyone on your team that decides to grow their business or get to know the sharing side of doTERRA.

The first thing I want to share with you is my doTERRA journey. When I found doTERRA, I was overworked and underpaid, as a mom. I was doing some direct selling on the side which I actually loved. I was working about two nights a week away from my family. Through the day, I had to work to contact people and keep my business going, in order to work those two nights a week. I was making, after about five years of working with the company, about 2,500 dollars a month, which I was very proud of. It helped our family out quite a bit, but I felt like I was gone a lot and I had two kids, at the time.

Then, I had this third baby. In a matter of four years, I had three little kids. My oldest was three and a half and the second one was two when I had the baby. They were almost two years apart, to the day. When I had the third one, I didn't know what to do anymore. They were so little. I look back and I don’t know how I did it, either. I wasn't sleeping at night, I was so exhausted and very overwhelmed. It can be really overwhelming wondering if life is always going to be like this. That is when I found doTERRA. I went to a meeting. It was Rob Young presenting about the lifelong vitality pack. I was interested. I thought it would be about essential oils because that’s what doTERRA is all about, but the meeting I happened to go to was actually one of the very first launches of the supplement pack. I was so impressed with everything that was in it and how Rob Young explained and presented it, that I actually bought one that night. If there was anything I seriously needed, it was vitality and energy. I was just dragging on the floor and dying. I didn't want to get out of my spot or leave the house. I just wanted to sleep all day. I was currently taking tons of prenatals and I was nursing. I was taking all kinds of supplements but I decided to put them all on hold for a month while I tried this lifelong vitality pack. I think you have to give them a fair shot and take them every single day as the dose tells you to, but it made such a big impact in my life that I enrolled and got started right away sharing them. I was very impressed with how much energy they had given me. I felt like I was sleeping through the night even though I was still getting up multiple times to nurse. It really just changed my energy level, hugely.

I did what any natural person would do. I started sharing them with my mom and my sister and a couple of my best friends. I tried their oils and compared them to the ones I already had because I had used essential oils, before. I really felt like they smelled cleaner than anything else I had had at the time. When I used them, it felt like they worked faster, too. I started to really enjoy what doTerra had to offer and brought me. The one thing I did notice is, when I stopped working with the other company, I didn't get paid anything. If I didn't go out and do something, I didn't get paid anything. That was a little bit discouraging. When I shared doTERRA, not even with the purpose of making money, I started to get checks in the mail, from doTERRA. It got to the point where they quickly surpassed the other checks that I was receiving because they had diminished with me not working, as much.

I tried this Life Long Vitality Pack (LLV) and it changed my life in multiple ways. It gave me more energy, helped me feel like I was getting more sleep, and also gave me this excitement and something to talk about. I started to share it and that eventually led to income. My story leads me to this last year, when I hit Diamond. I just kept sharing. It did take me five years to get there. In the beginning, I really didn't have a huge intention of building a business. I was just excited to have a product that worked and I wanted to put it out there for other people to try it. Eventually, we got to this point. We talk about Diamond, a lot, in doTERRA, because it is the place where you step into some bonus pools and usually your income is very stable and consistent.

Right in the middle of this picture, right here, this is my little one, right here. She is about three and a half years old. I was about three years into my doTERRA journey when I had her. I was making 3,000 dollars a month. When I stopped, I took four or five months where I just talked to my leaders on the phone here and there, but for the most part I didn't do a ton of sharing. My income grew every single month despite the fact that I wasn't leaving the house to do classes or promote the business. Of course, I was still talking to people and as soon as I felt back to myself, again, which happened quicker being on the lifelong vitality pack, I jumped back in sharing, again. A cool thing about this type of a business, which I’ll talk about more in a minute, is that the income is very reliable. Once you build it up, it keeps coming back to you. From slowly and consistently sharing, I now receive this very consistent, considerable income.

I want to talk about why doTERRA and why right now? Everybody here is probably listening to this because you are already in doTERRA, but it has become this household name and it is everywhere. It is very popular, right now. Here are a few stats. This comes from doTERRA’s 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary. First of all, 73 percent of the population looks to natural products to improve their health. 51 percent have used essential oils, before, and only 13 percent of all of those people out there know about doTERRA and are familiar with it. Even though it feels like it’s everywhere, it is actually still a very small percentage of the US that knows about doTERRA. There are tons of people out there that don’t know about it. It is a time where people are turning to healthy alternatives. They are trying to clean up their diet and are noticing how bad habits can lead to long term health problems. People are looking for natural solutions. Over 50 percent of the people who try natural products try it because they were introduced or recommended it by a friend. What you are sharing with other people matters. They listen to you. People want to have someone backing it up and saying it works before they jump in and try it. I know I am like that, too. If I am looking at a new product a will call my friends asking who has tried it. If I get good reviews, often I’ll try it. If I get negative ones, I usually won’t. Recommending natural products and recommending essential oils does make an impact and can shift what people try. Also, one thing that impressed me about doTERRA is, like myself, 85 percent of the consultants in doTERRA primarily joined just to get a discount on their oils or just to share them. They weren't necessarily looking for profit or to make money. Now, about 15 percent of people are joining doTERRA just to make the money. I thought this was interesting because only a year ago it was nine percent that were joining for profit. It is going up and people are noticing that doTERRA is growing quickly and is a good way to make money. They have a good compensation plan. Retention rates are another thing we will just breeze over. In the network marketing industry, people who are usually ordering monthly are 15 to 20 percent of people in the organization. doTERRA’s retention rate is off of the charts at 65 percent, on average, ordering every three months, oils for themselves.

Most of them are people that just want the oils. They aren't in it for the business, yet they have a wholesale account to get the best deal. They are ordering regularly which attests to the fact that doTERRA’s products are amazing and work. People wouldn't be coming back for more if they didn't notice that. I’m sure if you have your oils, you've noticed it yourself. If you haven’t seen them work for you, get your oils out and try them. They are awesome. They are great at improving health and adding wonderful benefits to vitality. Here’s a chart of doTERRA’s sales from when they started to 2013. It is two years old. I know that the curve is a lot steeper, now, because they are growing even faster. In February, of 2015, they had over 195,000 new accounts in doTERRA. They are growing rapidly by thousands and thousands of accounts every single month.

Here’s a comparison of, when you have a job, how you are trading your time for money like the job I had before finding doTERRA. When I worked, I got paid. It gets you money right then. It is much faster when it came to earning money. If I went out and did something, I would earn three or four hundred dollars. It can be very dependable. You know while you are working you will get paid. It’s obvious. It’s linked together. However, keeping your job is not always up to you. Now, in direct selling, you are going to keep your job if you work it. If you go to a typical, eight to five location, sometimes it isn't up to you, if they close down or something happens and they lay people off. You can be the best employee, ever, and you still might lose your job because you’re not the boss and you aren't in charge. Time always has a price on it. Whatever you are making, it feels like that is what your worth is, but that’s not true, and someone else is in charge of your time. They’ll have lists of things you need to do for them and you have to do what they tell you to do because they are the ones paying you. Then, the bottom line, and this is what affected me the most, is if you don’t work then you don’t get paid. Let’s contrast that with network marketing. In network marketing, you are in charge of your time. Your income comes slowly, and sometimes very slowly, in the beginning, but it builds very consistently over time. How fast that income builds in the beginning is up to you. For me, it was slow because I started slow. It wasn't a huge priority to me. If you need to make money faster, you can increase the time you put into it and increase the number of people that you share with and your income will build quickly instead of slowly, like mine did. That income is residual. What that means is that once you make it one time, it is going to keep building on what you already made. I will have an example of that on a graph, in a minute.

You have the freedom to work as you would like to. You can decide how you want to go about it. You have the freedom to work where you would like and set your own hours, but you have to have self-discipline. This is one thing a lot of people don’t realize. They jump into a network marketing company thinking people say they make tons of money and it’s so easy. What they don’t realize is if you don’t put the work in, you won’t build up the residual income. It’s not tied to your time, necessarily, but if you can’t be self-disciplined and do those building blocks, every day, of sharing, talking, and teaching about it, then your business isn't going to go anywhere. When you start a network marketing business, you still have to put in the same necessary time to build it. It just means that your income will grow in a different way, independent of the time. You still do have to invest time and self-discipline, if you want to be paid.

Here’s a glance at our compensation plan. This has a lot of different facets to it, but I am not going to dive into it. We’ll talk about it later, but I wanted to draw your attention to these parts of the compensation plan. The first one, on the bottom, is dynamic compression. This is something important when you are looking into a network marketing company because it means all of the money made is paid out. There are some companies where, if somebody isn't in a specific spot, they won’t pay the money out. They keep it. With doTERRA, everyone gets paid everything. If it doesn't go to somebody, it skips up to the next person, which could be you. You will get a lot more money, that way, in the long run. If you’re comparing compensation plans, make sure it has dynamic compression. The other thing is this commission over on the side. You want this to start low at the top and get bigger at the bottom. If it is the other way around, you will get a lot more money up front but then your money won’t really go anywhere. It will just stay nice and low. If you have a bigger rate at the bottom, this will multiply a lot faster. I've got about 20 people on my front line, then it goes down to, maybe, 100. Down here, on these two level, I have over eight and nine hundred people. You’re getting this higher percent on the bulk of your people. On my seventh level, I have over 1,000. The bigger you go down, the more commission you will get. That will be a better compensation plan, in the long run, that will pay you back, overtime, more for your effort and what you put into it.

Here’s the income of an eight to five job. This was getting paid 25 dollars an hour for forty hours a week, four weeks a month. It’s going to make you about 4,000 dollars a month. You have this nice, predictable income because you are getting paid by the hour and it’s working for you. Salary would be similar if you want to just divide it up into months. This could be 4,000 dollars a month. This could be 8,000 dollars a month. I want to contrast that with an MLM income. I, actually, went back as far as I could pull my commission statements and this is my income. This is how it went. I didn't have the first couple of months, but I know I didn't make a lot because it grows slowly. This is the first, about four and a half years of me working with doTERRA. Keep in mind that I really had no intention of doing the business. I was just sharing. Then, as it got more exciting, I started thinking this was cool and that I could do this. It kind of just grows steadily. It might drop here and there. Here, I had some good months. Then, I went down a couple times. Then, back up, but it has been a very consistent growth curve for me. Going into these more recent months from when I hit Diamond, up here—I think this is the month I hit Diamond. It keeps going up. There’s one month where I missed it but, for the most part, it’s this continual upward growth. I have my own chart of which months are best and how it’s always rising. I might take a couple steps backward, but then I usually shoot up higher, month by month. I know this will keep going up. The key is consistency and discipline and sticking with sharing, educating, and helping your team to grow, also.

The average annual income, in 2014, for entry level Wellness advocates-- those are the people just starting: manager, director, and executive—those are the people that have 2,000 PV in volume. Those people usually earn about 1,600 dollars, annually. I know, you’re going to say that’s not a lot of money, but those are the people that are starting slow, taking it easy, and not stressing out about what they make. I have had people breeze all the way through these and hit Elite within their first month or two. Elites and Premieres, once you start building and getting more of a team with you, and sharing more, earns around 4,000 to 10,000 dollars, annually. The upper ranks, starting at Silver and going all the way to Presidential Diamond, earn anywhere from 25,000 to a million dollars. These are the average incomes for the year. That means that a Silver, on average, is earning about 2,125 dollars a month. A Presidential Diamond, all the way at the top, are earning 106,000 dollars a month. Diamond is the one most people shoot for, not as an end goal, but as a significant mark in their journey with doTERRA. Diamonds usually make about 16,000 dollars a month.

I would be shooting for Silver first, and then shooting for Diamond. Diamond is just four Silvers. Once you get to Silver, yourself, and know how to do it, you can turn around and help four of your people get to Silver and that will get you to Diamond. That’s just an awesome way to replace your income so that you are not tied to that hourly income, anymore. For us, I worked with doTERRA for about five years, and now my husband, at the hospital, is starting to cut down on his hours. He still wants to keep his certification up so he is still working. It is cool to know we have the freedom to do what we want to do.

This comes to my why. When I found doTERRA, I really wanted to share just because I loved it, so much, but it did get to the point where I realized I could share it and be really good at this. One of the reasons I did it was for my own confidence, just to feel like I could do something and be successful at it. I could contribute to our family’s money. With the craziness that went on in our house, it just made me feel like I can be a mom, too, and I can handle this, because I have this other thing on the side that is fun for me and gives me this other worth that I really enjoy. The other one is just freedom. I have freedom of time and freedom of money. For me, I am very motivated by wanting my children to have every opportunity that they want in this world. I don’t want them to have a huge desire to do something and have to say no because of the money. I want to be able to say, “You can do whatever you want to do. Money is just the way we are going to do it. It really doesn't matter what it costs. Let’s go do that.” That is important to me. I want to give them experiences and have them feel that freedom of trying out what they want to in life, without the money holding me back. Also, the freedom with time—I want invest my time where I want to. I also feel like I have this very fun part of my life, which is doTERRA, where I can help people, share health information, and help them improve their lives with essential oils, and that’s what really motivates me. doTERRA is going to be the way I accomplish that.

At this point, I want you to examine why you want to do doTERRA. What is important to you? Is it so you can spend more time doing the things you want to? Is it so you can have money and not have to go to a job? Another thing I failed to mention is these nice vacations—doTERRA does an incentive trip, every year. Whether you earn it, or not, you are allowed to go. You can go with everybody and just buy your way in, if you like. It is so fun to just get away and have a vacation of hundreds and hundreds of people that you know and love because doTERRA does feel like a family. You get to go with friends and people on your team. I want you to take time, as one of your assignments this week, to figure out why you want to do doTERRA. If you could have anything you wanted in your whole life, what would it be? What motivates you to go out and share with other people? For some people, it is just the fact that you can better other people’s lives by sharing with them things that will help add to their good health. For other people, it could be money that motivates you. That is fine because money is a way you could have more time with your family, have vacations, and work the way you want to work. Maybe, you just want to be your own boss and prove that you can make money without somebody else telling you what to do. You can do this. Take some time this week to figure out what motivates you and what it is that you really want and how doTerra can help you get to whatever it is.

The next thing I want you to do is start your List of 100. We talk about this a lot. I signed up with an insurance company, once, a long time ago, right when I first got married, and they asked me to give them a list of my family, 100 people, and write it down. I was like, “no, I don’t want you to talk to these people!” I kind of freaked out about it. Don’t look at it this way. Look at it that you are going to make a list of 100 people and later you will go back and look at the list to see who can benefit from essential oils. This isn't your “I’m going to sell to every person list” list. This is going to be a starting point so that you can examine where you can share and who might benefit most. Get out a piece of paper and write down 100 people. It doesn't matter if they aren't interested. I’m not saying you’re going to hit them all up and sell them essential oils. It’s just a good place to start to find out where your time is best spent, who can benefit the most from it, and where to start. That’s the second assignment. Here’s your challenge: find your why and create that list of 100. If you have already done it, go back through it and cross off the names that you have already reached out to or have already joined your team and update it so you have a list of 100 people on there. Bust out your Facebook friends and look around your neighborhood. Create that list and next week we will talk about what to do with that list. You’re not going to be sharing it with anybody, so you don’t have to worry about someone else contacting your people. This is going to be your starting point to decide where you will start with your business. That’s it for this video. This is Emili Whitney helping you achieve your doTERRA goals.

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