How to Set Up Your doTERRA LRP Order

Ordering through doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program, also know as LRP is the cheapest way to get your doTERRA Essential oils. In this video I will walk you through setting your order up for the first time. When you order through this program, you receive reward points back that you can redeem for FREE PRODUCTS!

Emili Whitney here and I am going to do a quick tutorial on How to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order. Once you get your kit, and you’re ready to order some more oils or products, this is the best and least expensive way for you to get the products that you want. To set it up, you’re going to go to the shopping cart, which is under the Shop button. Over here on the right, if you don’t have your order set up yet, you’ll have a box that says, “Discover Savings with doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program”. Click on the "Learn More Here" button if you want to learn more about it, but we’re going to go ahead and create a new order by clicking on this "CREATE NEW LRP ORDER" button.

The first thing it will do is ask what date you want it to process on each month. I recommend choosing a date between the first and the fifteenth of the month. Then, on the months that you order 125 points, you’ll automatically get a free oil through the Product Of The Month Club. That’s a program that they have to give you a FREE OIL EACH MONTH when you order 125 points or more, BEFORE the fifteenth of each month. Just so you understand how it works, if I choose the eleventh, it will run the morning of that day. So, it will run at about 1 o’clock in the morning on the eleventh.

What you want to do, is adjust whatever is in your cart. You can change it as many times as you want, up until the night before. So, on the tenth, at maybe 10 o’clock at night, is maybe when I want to leave it. Whatever is on there when it crosses into the eleventh is what will process on your order and get shipped to you. Pick your date and click Shop Now.

From here, you want to add whatever it is in your cart that you want to order. I’m going to click on these wellness products. If you haven’t tried their Lifelong Vitality Supplements, I highly recommend trying them. I order the Lifelong Vitality Pack, right here, with three bottles, so add that to your cart. If you know what you want, then as soon as you add your first item, you can just go right into the cart and edit it, which I’ll show you how to do. If you’re not sure what you want, take your time and browse through all the sections. You can see whatever is in there and see your options, adding them as you would a normal shopping cart.

However, I do know what I want, so I will click Go To Cart. From here, there’s a quick "Add To Cart" field that you can click on. Go ahead and type in a word and it will bring up whichever products have that word in it. I’m going to order some Peppermint Beadlets, and some other items like Digestion Capsules. Go ahead and add whatever you want into your cart.

I’ve gone ahead and added what I want in my cart. You can order what you’ve run out of or you can try new products and oils. Ordering through LRP is a good way to try them. Once your cart is set how you want it to be, you can choose your shipping over here on the right. I like to put mine at will call because I am close enough that someone can pick it up for me. Or, you can ship it to yourself. They have a shipping program right now where if you order through LRP and do it all online, they will actually give you bonus points for the shipping. If you choose this Surepost, you’ll earn 7 bonus points that can be used later towards free oils, so shipping through your LRP order will earn you more free products.

Now, on this bottom part, there’s a question mark that says, “This is for Personal Consumption.” If you aren’t selling these items, you’re just using them yourself, you’ll want to click this box. It will change the tax that you are paying on your products. If you check this box, you will only be taxed on the wholesale price of your items. If you’re planning on selling them, you want to keep this box unchecked, so you’ll be paying tax on the full retail price. That way, if you decide to turn around and sell them at retail, you won't be responsible for the tax due to the state. doTERRA will go ahead and pay that for you. If you’re selling them, leave them unchecked. If you're using them for yourself, like most people do, go ahead and click on that box.

Next, you’ll want to go to the Payment box that’s red. Click Edit and add your payment information in. It’ll then have you enter the verification code here, again, to verify that it’s your credit card.

You’re pretty much ready to go. A couple quick tips, though, before you process it. Check the PV, which is the green number at the very bottom on the left. Mine right now is 200.50 PV. Now, that is a really important number when you’re going to any kind of bonuses or promotions. If you want that Product Of The Month, and it’s before the fifteenth of the month, then that number needs to be at or above 125 PV. If you’re just ordering to get reward points for yourself, you want it to be at 50 PV or higher. You only get points back on the 50 PV or higher orders. If you’re doing multiple orders, always make sure the orders are at 50 or above. Otherwise, you wont get the points back on your order and you won’t progress on the LRP percentage chart. If you’re doing business, you always want the green number to be at 100 or more. If you’re doing business or sharing oils at all, be sure to watch the video on keeping that LRP order at 100 or above. The green number is the number that matters, not the other totals or the subtotal. The green point value is what they run things off of. So, if there’s a 200 point promotion to get a free oil or something, it is the green number that matters.

From here, your LRP is pretty much set up. You have an option to donate a dollar to doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation, down here. You can find out more about that on Then, from here you can save your changes, and it will process on the date you planned it for. Or, if you want to order it right then because you know what you want, you’ve set it up, and you’re happy with it, then you can click Continue.

This is the Checkout page. Once again, you can see the price and points of everything. This tells you the LRP points earned. In the beginning it will say zero, but once you’re on the program it will retroactively give you ten percent on this order. From then on, you’ll be making points back on everything that you order. From here, you can process it now, or leave it as scheduled. I’m going to go ahead and process it, right now. It will come up with your confirmation sheet, which will also be e-mailed to you.

That is how you set up your LRP order for the first time. If you’re going to edit it for the future, go back to the Shop button. From here, now, you don’t want to just add stuff to the cart. Whenever you order, you always want to click on the LRP order number under the Edit button. This will open up what you ordered the previous time. From here, you can add, subtract, edit, and change it to what you want the next month. As you set up and change your LRP order for the next month, make sure you always go through that LRP button. Don’t set up new orders or just add things to your cart. Come in here, first, edit this order, and then you can come back to the cart and play around and add things.

As long as you go through that LRP button, you’ll accumulate points and be able to get a lot of free oils down the road. Points are added to your account the month after you earn them. So, if it May, and you’re earning points, you won’t see them show up until about June fifteenth or sixteenth, in the middle of the next month. After that, you’ll see them show up each month at about the same time each month.

That’s how you set up your LRP order to get the lowest prices on your oils and a lot of free products down the road. Enjoy your products!

- Emili

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