How to Customize and Save with doTERRA's New Supplements

DoTERRA has offered an amazing program to be able to buy and save on supplements when purchasing the Life Long Vitality pack or the Daily Nutrient Pack through their back office. Here is a quick walk through so you can see how to add them to your cart and take advantage of their discount! The video text is listed below (and can also be found through turning on the closed captioning in the video).

Hey everybody, this is Emili Whitney and I just wanted to give you a quick overview of doTERRA’s new Customize and Save program for their daily Vitality Packs! If you buy either the Daily Nutrient Pack or the Life Long Vitality Pack then you can take advantage of this program where you can buy up to 3 additional supplements at reduced prices.

Let me show you how to add it to your cart and make it work for you.

This is the back office. When you log in, it will take you to your shop tab. You definitely want to go through your LRP order, you can’t get the discounts if you don’t. Make sure your LRP is set up, or you can watch my video on how to set that up. (

If it is set up, then you just click on your Edit button to go to your cart.

From here, I like the quick add cart box. You can just type in “daily” for the Daily Nutrient Pack, then click on it when it comes up. Here you’ll notice that it has a little “EDIT KIT” button, click on that and it will bring up the options that you can choose.

Here is a quick glance on what the savings are on each of these bottles when you buy them through the Customize and Save program. You can save up to $39.50 on that Deep Blue! But each of them offer you between $15 and almost $40 savings which is a really awesome way to get more of those supplements.

I’m going to pick a couple of Deep Blue Complexes. I’m actually going to just do 3 Deep blues because I have all of the other ones already.

And then if you want to add the Life Long Vitality Pack, make sure you look for the new one. Here you see a Life Long Vitality Pack, and this is the old one, you want to get the updated one that says NEW Life Long Vitality Pack, that’s going to be the one that gives you the special kit prices.

For every pack of these that you add, you can buy up to 3 of any of those supplements that you would like. Now, you don’t have to buy all 3 but you are able to buy up to 3. You don’t have to buy the same one either, you can divide it up and pick any 3 that you would like.

We’ll do a couple Mito2Max and a Terrazyme and click Update.

You can have up to 3 supplements for each kit that you buy. Most households have 2 adults on the Vitality Pack or the Daily Nutrient Pack, you can customize it with what you’re going to need each month, and just leave it there and it will just order the same thing each month,

Or you can change it and adjust it for what you need on a monthly basis.

Now the last thing you want to do before you submit this is to check your PV down here in green. Remember that 50PV will get you points back and move you up on that LRP % scale. 100PV is what you need to have if you are sharing the oils or doing any kind of business. 125PV will earn you the free product of the month. And some months they have special bonuses for ordering 200PV or more, so just make sure you check your PV before you finish up and from here you can save the changes or you can click CONTINUE to check out right away.

One final note, this is the processing page. If you want to process it right then, you click PROCESS ORDER NOW.

If you process it right away, then it will skip your processing date on whatever date you have it set for. Mine is set for the 26th, but I always come in at the beginning of the month and I usually process it between the 1st and the 5th, and then when the 26th comes around, it SKIPS that, and it doesn't order it again.

So if you process it early, you don't have to worry about it going through later. And that's a way to get your products early each month and to take advantage of that Product of the Month.

The Product of the Month doesn't show up here on the left but it still ships out with your order, but the 200PV promo does if there is one currently going on.


This is Emili Whitney helping you improve your family's overall health.

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