What you MUST KNOW FIRST to make money with doTERRA

Thinking of doing business with doTERRA? Or want to make enough to pay for your oils so that doesn't come out of your pocket? (That's like FREE HEALTHCARE!) Did you know that if you don't know this one little thing, you could miss out on your paycheck ENTIRELY?? Come learn this one little piece of info and how it plays into your commission so that you never miss a check!

(even if you just want a little to cover the oils you use each month), you must have a Loyalty Rewards order. If you don't know about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards' Program then check this post out! And if you need to know how to set up your Loyalty Rewards Order, click here!

Hi, this is Emili Whitney, and today we’re going to talk about the most important thing that you need to know if you’re going to make money with doTERRA. doTERRA has an awesome compensation plan, but without this little piece of information you could do everything right, and still miss out on the money you deserve to be paid if you’re working with doTERRA. This little piece of information sounds simple. However, I’d like to explain it to you and make sure you really understand so you don’t miss out on any of the money that you deserve to be paid.

First of all, what you need to do is have a Loyalty Reward order. Now, when you set up your Loyalty Rewards order, you’ll notice there’s a little green number and that is the number of points that are on your order. So, the total of your order, doesn’t actually matter. It’s the points at the little bottom total that are in green that make a difference. That number needs to be at 100 PV or higher at all times. (See the images in the video to know what it looks like!)

When you are done playing with your order and trying to figure out what to order next month, make sure that number is above 100 PV all the time. They run commissions every month on the 15th, and currently they run fast once a week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. If your template happens to be below 100 PV when they run commissions, then you’ll miss out on what they’re paying you.

For example, I had a great leader, who had a wonderful week. She had signed up four or five people and the fast start bonus that she had earned was $287. When they paid out commissions, she had no bonus for that period, and she didn’t get paid. We couldn’t figure out why she didn’t get paid, so we investigated. Even though she had already placed a 200 point order for that month, she was playing with her order for next month and she had left it at 70 points. So, the computer just skipped right over her when it paid commissions. She didn’t get paid anything.

A good way to think about it is thinking about the computer that actually pays out the commissions. It looks for those people that have 100 PV orders or more, and those are the only people filtered out that will get paid. Even if you’ve done the work to make the money, if your order isn’t at 100 PV, then the computer doesn’t recognize you as doing business. Thus, it skips over you. It’s what’s actually in your cart that matters, not the order that you have already placed.

Luckily, doTERRA is awesome and they helped us out in that situation. However, it’s a lot easier to avoid the situation entirely by being sure that your template or cart is set up to be 100 PV or more, all the time. That’s something super easy that you can do.. Just make sure your template always shows 100 PV. Even if you’re not ordering that, or you’re not sure what you want, make sure it’s always set up to be higher than the 100 PV. Then, when they go to pay commissions, each week, you will always be covered and you’ll be able to get whatever money that’s owed to you.

This is Emili Whitney helping you to make the most of your doTERRA business.


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