How to redeem your Loyalty Reward Points with DoTERRA

Come see how to REDEEM YOUR LOYALTY REWARD POINTS through doTERRA's NEW SHOPPING CART! I'll show you how you can redeem them ANYTIME you would like and even combine them with your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order to combine and save on the shipping!

Keep your orders over 50 PV so that you can earn free oils through the Loyalty Reward's Program. Be sure to keep your order (and what is in your cart) over 100 PV if you are working with doTERRA to get your oils for free! Want to learn more about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program? Check out the details here!

Hi this is Emili Whitney and I’m going to show you how to redeem those hard earned loyalty reward points that you’ve been collecting. In your virtual office at the very top left up here you will see how many points you have accumulated on the left, and then on the right you will see the percentage that you’re at. It starts at ten percent, and then after 13 months you get to 30 percent. So in addition to saving 25 percent on each of your orders you are also earning a percentage back in points. Here is a link to the Loyalty Rewards Flier where you can see the percentage chart and read an explanation about it.

So I have 353 points I am going to redeem, and my point percentage is at 30 percent, and that’s where you can check yours. So come on up here to the shop button and click on that. From here you’re going to go down to this new shopping cart. From the new shopping cart you can either go through these different sections and pick what you would like to order, or you can click on your order and just edit it right in the cart so I’m going to do that today. Here is my shopping cart. I have gone ahead and put in here what I want including the things I want to get for free.

Now you’re going to check your points. Your points will also be listed down here at the bottom, here you can see my 353 points that I’ve horded and accumulated. And you can go ahead and you can choose this "use points" column, and where it says select you can select how many you would like to receive for free. If you want to pay for one and get one for free that’s how you do that. You can just put two in the quantity, and then here’s you’ll select just one or select two. I like to get a lot of my higher priced items for free so I’ve got an Aroma Touch Kit on here, I’m going to select that for free.

Now whenever you redeem your points it will tell you that as soon as you check out when you’re redeeming points it will want you to process that order right then, immediately, so you can’t save that for a future date. So when you’re ready to redeem your points just know that you’re going to go ahead and have to process that order right away, so we’ll click okay there.

The other thing that’s good to know is when you redeem points there is a $3 fee, it says it up here on the online credit redemption fee. There’s a $3 fee for every group of 100 points that you redeem up to 101 points. So I’ve used 100 points with that technique kit, and if you look up here you’ll see the $3.

If I use more points, like adding a frankincense on there for free, that will take me up to 169.75. I try to get right up to that 100 points as close as I can to get the most bang for my buck. Since I’ve gone into the next 200 if you look up in the summary box, my redemption fee has gone up to $6, so it’s $3 for each 100 you inch into. If you even had 102 points used then you would have to pay $6, so you want to keep them in the 100 range. So I’m going to go ahead and push that all the way up to 200, or I might just go on ahead up to 300, let’s add a Melissa in here. I’m going to go ahead and click one on there. So now I’ve got 284.75 points and I want to get right up to 300 because I’m paying that $9 anyway and I might as well make the most of it, so I’m going to add this Citrus Bliss on there also.

I’ve now used 299.75 points, so I’m right up to 300. I’m paying my $9, that’s $3 for each 100 that I’ve redeemed, and this looks pretty good. You’ll want to check over here in the green so you can earn points on this order too, which means this has to be at least 50 PV (Product Value) or higher. If you’re doing business then at all times you want this to be 100 PV or higher. So I’m doing business too so I’m going to always have that order as 100 PV, and just like that you can redeem it. You can combine this with your regular LRP order, you can choose the way you want to ship it, and you’ll just include that online redemption fee to get your $300 worth, so $9 for the 300 that I get for free, that makes me very very happy, it’s like Christmas when it comes.

So that’s how you redeem your loyalty reward points. You can save them up or use them when you’d like. They do expire after one year from when you’ve earned them. So if you are disciplined and you’d like to wait as long as you can you want to make sure to redeem them at least once every year.

And lastly as soon as you place this order I would highly recommend that you go back into your shopping cart and you edit it to put on there what you want for the next month so that you don’t forget to do that later. The products you redeemed your points for will no longer appear in your cart once the order is placed. So go ahead and set up the next month’s right away and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

That's it! Enjoy your free doTERRA products!


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