How to use doTERRA Essential Oils

Here's a quick overview on the 3 ways you can use your essential oils!

Hi, I’m Emili Whitney and today we’re going to talk about the three ways you can use your essential oils.

The first way is you can use them is Topically. You can to unscrew the bottle and drip it right on your hand. For babies and children, you just want to use one or two drops. For an adult, you can use three or four, if you’d like. Sometimes, I just use two. You can rub them on the bottom of your feet and they will get absorbed through your body. Or, the other thing you can do is put them on your spine. I like to put them right on the back of my neck; they’ll get in that way. If you have a tummy ache, you can just target your tummy. If something hurts, specifically, then you can put it right where it hurts. That’ll work too.

The second way is to do them Aromatically. You can use a diffuser, which will put the oils into the air so that you are breathing them and smelling them, when you come in and out. It will also clean the air for you. Or, if you don’t have a diffuser, you can put them on your hands, cup them around your nose, and inhale deeply. You can put them in a pot of boiling, hot water, or in the shower or tub, and get them into the air.

The third way is to do them Internally. To do them internally, a lot of people use these vegetable capsules without any fillers in them. They’re pretty cheap. You will go ahead and get a capsule out, open it up, and then you can just drip the oils right in there. Depending on what oil it is, I will do four or five drops. Sometimes, I make blends. You want to close it up and take this. Don’t leave it on your counter for too long, or the oils will go ahead and eat right through the plastics. Don’t make them too far ahead of time. I would make them when I’m going to take them and just swallow them. You’ll feel them inside. Some brave people like to just drip them right under their tongue or right on their tongue. You can do that too, if it’s made for internal use. To know which oils you can take internally, you’ll need to turn the box or oil around. If you see the “Essential Oil Supplement” box on the back that has the supplement facts on it, then you can take it internally. Oils like Breathe, don’t have that box so don’t take those ones internally. They aren’t made for internal use.

Those are the three ways you can use them: topically, aromatically, and internally. Go ahead, don’t be afraid of them. Take the oil lids off and use them. Hurry, go grab an oil an use it so you don't forget! :)

- Emili

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