How to redeem your Loyalty Reward Points with DoTERRA

Come see how to REDEEM YOUR LOYALTY REWARD POINTS through doTERRA's NEW SHOPPING CART! I'll show you how you can redeem them ANYTIME you would like and even combine them with your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order to combine and save on the shipping!

Keep your orders over 50 PV so that you can earn free oils through the Loyalty Reward's Program. Be sure to keep your order (and what is in your cart) over 100 PV if you are working with doTERRA to get your oils for free! Want to learn more about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program? Check out the details here! 

How to use doTERRA's Shopping Cart

doTERRA just updated their shopping cart!! {JOYFUL CHEERING} Now, it is more user friendly and easier to navigate.

Click on this video for a SHORT explanation!  (Do it now, you'll forget later!!)

You can click the bottom right box (after you start the video) to make it full screen so that you can see it closer up!