Essential Oil Basics

How to Customize and Save with doTERRA's New Supplements

DoTERRA has offered an amazing program to be able to buy and save on supplements when purchasing the Life Long Vitality pack or the Daily Nutrient Pack through their back office.  Here is a quick walk through so you can see how to add them to your cart and take advantage of their discount!  The video text is listed below (and can also be found through turning on the closed captioning in the video).

How to purchase doTERRA oils at Wholesale Pricing

Are you interested in purchasing doTERRA's amazing essential oils 25% off of the retail pricing? Getting your  doTERRA essential oils at the wholesale price is easy and it's actually inexpensive to get started. You'll fall in love with these essential oils as soon as you start using them! It's the most affordable way to purchase your essential oils and it is easy! Here is a short video that walks you through how to get your doTERRA essential oils at the wholesale price!  The video text is listed below (and can also be found through turning on the closed captioning in the video); please comment if you have any questions!

Click here for a list of the enrollment kits available:



How to redeem your Loyalty Reward Points with DoTERRA

Come see how to REDEEM YOUR LOYALTY REWARD POINTS through doTERRA's NEW SHOPPING CART! I'll show you how you can redeem them ANYTIME you would like and even combine them with your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order to combine and save on the shipping!

Keep your orders over 50 PV so that you can earn free oils through the Loyalty Reward's Program. Be sure to keep your order (and what is in your cart) over 100 PV if you are working with doTERRA to get your oils for free! Want to learn more about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program? Check out the details here!