World Village & Days for Girls - July 2016 Bolivia Humanitarian Trip

I was first introduced to the Days for Girls Organization at doTERRA’s 2015 convention where we heard Celeste Mergens speak to us about how she was inspired to create the program to help women all over the world.  It spoke to me in such a deep profound way.  I was moved to tears and felt strongly that this was an organization that I wanted to dedicate my time, talents and efforts to for the rest of my life.

Upon returning home from convention, I got caught up in the craziness of everyday life, kids in school, business goals and day to day duties.  It wasn’t until the doTERRA incentive trip in the Dominican Republic where we had an opportunity to help distribute kits to a couple schools there that I remembered that deep desire to help that I had felt at convention.  I was blessed to be able to help hand out kits and answer questions in a room full of over 200 girls that were eager to learn.  I served a mission in Venezuela 15 years ago where I learned to speak Spanish fluently.  This was a memorable opportunity for me to be involved and speak to the girls, answering their questions and explaining how to use the DFG kits.

My Brother-in-Law, Mike Wilson, is a Doctor in our local Emergency Room and is also involved with a non-profit humanitarian group that goes down to Bolivia each year in the summer to deliver medical supplies and help work.  They have partnered with a Health Center in Montero, Bolivia where they bring all the medical supplies they can (usually donated from local places in St. George), and help with some kind of construction on a local school.  They do this through their non-profit organization called World Village.

This year a lot of my family wanted to join World Village and bring some of our children along. After participating with DFG in January, both my sister, Jenni, and I felt that we needed to incorporate that into the Summer Bolivia trip.  We are both so passionate about it and wanted to start bringing kits down to educate the women in Bolivia, it went so well with what the World Village organization was already doing each year.

Jenni set an ambitious goal of taking 1,000 DFGs kits down with us.  We had about 5 months to do it, but it took a little while to get going.  Jenni jumped right in and started having events in Cedar City and shortly after I got a few going in St George.  We were amazed at the help and support we received through our events.  People from our neighborhoods, churches and those that we knew through doTERRA showed up to help us cut, sew, arrange and compile DFG’s kits.  We would do assembly lines, have people come and go and spend as much time as possible with us, and have others come collect materials to sew on their own time at home.  Donations of soap, thread, ziplock bags, material, washcloths and underwear came pouring in.  I was so impressed and overwhelmed with those who were willing to share of their time, talents and resources to help our cause.

Jenni made connections with other chapters of DFG and soon we had kit donations coming in from other parts of Utah.  We were so close to reaching our goal of 1,000 kits.  We did another big push on June 21st where we had over 100 people come and help.  It was a 6 hour open house and we were super busy the whole time.  We achieved our goal of 1,000 kits.  Then on Friday, the morning before we left, we realized that we had enough kit pieces to put together a few more. With the help of friends and family, we had another 50 kits to take down with us, in total bringing 1,050 kits to Bolivia.

Because this trip was such a long and amazing adventure, I've chosen to break down the blog posts into individual days. You can find the journal of each day here: