July 2016 Bolivia Humanitarian Trip - Day 6

Friday was our last work day.  While we were teaching all week, 10-15 people in the group were continually going to the school project where they emptied out rocks and bricks from the space where they were going to lay a concrete floor.  They then moved tons of good dirt into that space so that the concrete would lay flat when it was poured.  They also painted tons of beams and roof space to prepare this new area to be a new school room.

Friday morning Jenni and I and the DFG ladies helping us went to one more school in the morning.  We had quite a large crowd piled into one room and boys kept walking by.  I told them that if they boys asked what we were talking about they could tell them that we discussed different types of chocolate.  Every time they walked by trying to hear what we were discussing, I would throw in the word chocolate and the girls would laugh and get such a kick out of it.

In this last class we kept opening and closing the windows because of the guys.  When they felt safe they were engaged, but when boys walked by or tried to look in the windows they would get distracted and want to watch the windows instead of paying attention.  Having helpers outside to keep the men and boys away made a huge difference with keeping their attention.  But in this last class of the morning, it got really hot and we kept opening and closing the windows.  Then all of a sudden (as I was starting to talk about anatomy) one of the girls totally passed out!  It was an unexpected shock, but we had 3 nurses with her so they helped her right away.  She just didn’t have enough air, so we made sure to keep the windows open and keep the boys a little further away.  She stayed and returned to the class though because she just needed a little air and wanted to learn the rest.

We handed out kits to that group and headed out.  Whew!

We then met up with the rest of our World Village group at the school where the people were celebrating the work that we had done on the school room.  Jenni brought nail polish and we began painting nails of the kids and women there, that was really fun.  They put on traditional skirts and showed us some of the dances they do there.  We were interviewed again by the local news for the World Village projects.

That afternoon was really rewarding.  The medical supplies brought for donation were divided up in the morning and in the afternoon we went around and delivered them to different hospitals and clinics.  We stopped at schools that we had already taught earlier in the week to distribute more kits as well.  We made it to a good amount of the schools we taught, but left the rest of the kits with the doctors and nurses health center, along with lists of the girls who had been taught who were waiting for kits.  They are trustworthy and we know that they went later and delivered them.

That night after delivering all afternoon, we met up with the local medical professionals and nurses and celebrated all our work at their Health Center.  They presented us with paper recognition awards for our hard work and shared some food and desserts with us.  They also played local music and showed us various different local folk dances.  It was amazing to see the love they had for us and for those who have participated with World Village in the past.  They thanked us and shed tears over the help we gave and what we were able to accomplish.  It was a very touching night.

They were in need of other certain medical supplies, like a scale for their newborn babies and baby bulb syringes.  They had a scale that plugged into the wall and the connection repeatedly burned out or caught on fire (scary!).  The bulb syringes they used were also giant, and totally too big to be useful for babies.  Mike and one of the Doctors that came with us, Dr. Stan Benson, bought new bulb syringes and a newborn baby scale that didn’t need electricity to run so that they could have a safer and better operating one in their labor and delivery room.  They were so grateful.  It was beautiful and so touching to be a part of.

I am so grateful for the World Village Organization.  They have made valuable contacts and made a huge difference in the lives of the people of Montero, Bolivia.  I feel blessed that we could join their group and work with them to educate more people and change their lives and future for the better.

Thank you so much for your donation.  It was incredibly helpful.  We used some of the money to help pay the tax fees for customs which would have really hurt our ability to help if we were forced to pay it all by ourselves in addition to what we had already paid just to get down there. We also used money to pay for the school work project.  Jenni has the details.  We are so grateful to be a part of doTERRA.  It has blessed our lives incredibly and the lives of so many others because we had the chance to serve in Bolivia.  THANK YOU!!