July 2016 Bolivia Humanitarian Trip - Day 5

Thursday we taught 2 different schools in the morning.  I was getting better at whipping through all the information and Jenni, Kelly, Eliesa and Tara, some of the other women in our group that helped us, were getting great at supporting me with the poster flip charts, managing the crowd and demonstrating how to use the kits.

In the afternoon we went to yet another school where we taught 2 separate classes while the kids once again did puppet shows.  At the end of the second class Mike and Yadil showed up with tons of our bags of DFGs kits, they had FINALLY been able to get them out of customs.  They had been charged an $1,000 import tax to pull them out which was really frustrating, but at that point we were just so thrilled to finally have them all in our hands again.

We pulled them into the hall and as the girls came out of the class we handed them kits.  It did get crazy though since it was hard to keep track of who was in the class and who was going to recess.  After getting kits to that group, we pulled all of our bags back into the classroom to guard them better.  When Gringos come bearing free bright gifts, everyone wants one even when they don’t know what they are.

At this point my voice was starting to hurt.  I was exhausted and feeling overwhelmed at the difficulty of making sure the right girls get the right kits, and my throat hurt.  We had one more class that day, so I found a chair to stand on (something I had started doing in the beginning so everyone could see and hear my short self) and dove into the info again.  After teaching them and asking who wanted a kit, (to which they all screamed “I DO”), we decided to make sure we hand out the kits INSIDE the classroom so that once they left we knew who had kits, who still needed them and who was not in the class.  It was helpful to do it that way.

After this last class, a cute girl came up who was at least 5-6 months pregnant.  I had talked about the importance of taking care of yourself and trying not to get pregnant until you're ready to be a Mom.  I hadn’t considered the possibility that some of the in the class could be pregnant. My heart hurt.  I congratulated her and told her that it was still wonderful that she was pregnant, and then she asked if she could also have a DFG kit.  We gave her one and she snuck out the door.

The work we do is SO IMPORTANT!  So many women in the world are uneducated, no one told them what would happen and how to best take care of themselves.  I feel like as much as we do, there is still SO MUCH MORE to do, but every woman counts.  EVERY WOMAN changes a whole family, and in turn a whole generation.  If we can open the doors to talking about these things, it can change so much of social structures everywhere.

Thursday night we planned to go to a LDS Young Women's mutual to teach them the DFG information.  After finishing their standards night, they then turned the time over to us.  We had all of the young women with their leaders, mother’s and grandmothers.  And I said a prayer to say the right things since I was teaching a different group than our normal school aged girls.  I brought God into the discussion since it was a religious environment and taught about the sacredness of our bodies and the value we each have as daughters of God.  And then I taught them all the same valuable DFG information and we once again introduced the kits.  They were gratefully received and we talked to them for a bit before going to bed exhausted.